• A new concept on foodstuff liquid transport

A flexi-tank is a flexible packaging system which allows to transport bulk foodstuff liquid in conventional containers, 20' standard boxes, thanks to a flexible bag made of one external layer made of nylon, and several internal layers made of polyethylene, able to contain up to 24.000 liters.

It optimizes container´s maximum gross weight, allowing to save more than 30% if you compare it with other traditional methods, such as drums or barrels.

The client acquires the depot known as "flexibag", a single-use depot, saving the cleaning, returning trip, and any damage repair. The customer can also choose to install the flexibag himself in a shipping company´s container, or let us to do it.

Suitable for every foodstuff liquid product not considered as 'hazardous material' (ADR), including oils, wines, etc.

Concisa has contrasted experience on door to door combined transport with this type of containers, in international or overseas destinations.