• Foodstuffs only
    CONCISA exerts for a future where the transport of foodstuffs is carried out in units made only and exclusively for this purpose, just like in other parts of Europe. This enables us to guarantee to our customers the absence of chemical remains, reason for which we may assure the highest level of reliability and security.
  • Follow-up and observance of Delivery Terms
    Due to our long-standing experience we are able to keep to the prearranged terms of delivery; for this purpose we are flexible in changing the means of transportation, if required by the circumstances, and are pleased to offer a service which is totally reliable.
    Your products will be under a constant control by our professional team that coordinates the door-to-door transport and will be able to inform you about the cargo´s situation at any moment.
  • Economy and Saving
    The combined transport is for you the most economic, modern and cost-effective transport solution.
  • Optimizing the Transport
    After having studied your particular demand for transport, we will offer you a transport solution according to the required container design. We normally use our own containers of CONCISA, with the exception of those we do not find in our fleet.
  • Insurances
    The transport price includes the cargo´s insurance against the transport contingencies. Your goods are on a safe way.